Testcap for Henco pipe

Testcap for Henco pipe

  • Suitable for pressing Henco Tubes according to the guidelines mentioned in our technical manual
    • Sanitary installations
    • Heating installations
    • Gas installations
    • Compressed air installations
  • Suitable for
    • Henco Multilayer 16mm and 20mm until 15 bar
    • Henco 5L Pert 16mm and 20mm until 6 bar
    • Henco 5L PEXc 16mm and 20mm until 6 bar
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable as a final, long-lasting solution. Max use of 3 months under a pressure of 10 bar.
  • Not reusable


Potable water


Building Installations


Articlenumber Product description LxBxH GTIN
TESTPLUG16 Test cap for pipe Ø16 20x16x16 05414764345751

Specifications TESTPLUG16

Material Plastic
NetWeight 0.0024
MaximumOperatingPressureLiquid 16
TESTPLUG20 Test cap for pipe Ø20 20x19.5x19.5 05414764345775

Specifications TESTPLUG20

Material Plastic
NetWeight 0.005
DimensionUnitCode MTR
MaximumOperatingPressureLiquid 16
TESTPLUG26 Test cap for pipe Ø26 20x19.5x19.5 05414764411302

Specifications TESTPLUG26

Material Plastic
MaximumOperatingPressureLiquid 16